Sound Bath with Chai Francesco at Embody Wellness, South London

Sound Bath

Friday 28 December | 7.30pm to 8.45pm | £20

Join sound therapist Chai Francesco for a very special and very blissful evening of relaxation as you bathe in the sublimely healing tones of crystal singing bowls and the oriental gong. The resonance of these instruments is tangible, making it not just an auditory experience but also like receiving a sound massage!

Throughout the ages, sound has been used to heal, strengthen and soothe. During a sound bath, most people experience a wonderful feeling of relaxation, and you can expect to leave the session feeling balanced, restored and ready to enjoy the weekend ahead.

Read more about the benefits and science of sound baths in this blog post.

Sound Bath with Chai Francesco at Embody Wellness, South London

Setting Intentions

Saturday 29 December | 2.00pm to 4.00pm | £25

With the end of another year fast approaching, many of us are beginning to reflect on the year that was, reviewing our choices, actions and habits and formulating resolutions that we hope ‘will make next year better’…

The problem however is that our New Year’s resolutions often feel like a chore that we try to force ourselves to stick to because we think we should, and the majority of us end up discarding them after just a short time which can sometimes do us more harm than good. Fortunately, yoga offers a refreshing alternative to the New Year’s resolution: the practice of Sankalpa.

Sankalpa can be defined as our heartfelt intention or resolve and is based on the premise that you already are who you need to be to fulfil your life’s aspirations. All you need to do is focus your mind, connect to your most heartfelt desires, and channel the energy within. Led by Sue Rahmani, this workshop will help you plant the seed of your intentions deeply in your subconscious through an inspiring blend of asana, meditation, mantra and mudra.

In keeping with the tradition of Sankalpa, Sue invites you to bring a small item with personal meaning or sentiment to be added to the altar during the workshop.

Celebrate Your Challenges - A Special Sattva Yoga Journey, Embody Vauxhall, London

Pilates Beginners Course

Thursdays 10 January to 7 February | 7.30pm to 8.45pm | £85

Join Rebecca Evans for this invaluable 5-week course introducing you to the many fitness and health benefits of Pilates. The course is ideal for individuals looking to join our group classes but who have little or no experience or knowledge of the Pilates Method. It’s also great for anyone relatively new to Pilates looking to review the fundamentals.

During the course you will learn about the origin of Pilates, and be introduced to some of the key terminology. You will also be taught how to correctly and safely do a number of basic Pilates exercises, giving you the confidence and motivation to attend any of our Level 1 classes held regularly throughout week.

Celebrate Your Challenges - A Special Sattva Yoga Journey, Embody Vauxhall, London

Yoga Beginners Course

Sundays 13 January to 10 February | 12.45pm to 2.00pm | £85

Embody’s 5-week yoga foundation courses are an excellent way to learn the basic principles of yoga and gain an appreciation of its many benefits.

Our friendly and knowledgeable teacher Barbara Pevere will guide you through the fundamental yoga postures with an emphasis on correct alignment and proper breathing techniques.

Once you’ve mastered the basics you’ll be ready to attend any of our open level classes scheduled throughout the week, giving you a chance to explore a variety of yoga styles at your own pace.

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