Sound Bath with Chai Francesco at Embody Wellness, South London

Sound Bath

Friday 28 June | 7.30pm to 8.45pm | £20

Join sound therapist Chai Francesco for a very special and very blissful evening of relaxation as you bathe in the sublimely healing tones of crystal singing bowls and the oriental gong. The resonance of these instruments is tangible, making it not just an auditory experience but also like receiving a sound massage!

Throughout the ages, sound has been used to heal, strengthen and soothe. During a sound bath, most people experience a wonderful feeling of relaxation, and you can expect to leave the session feeling balanced, restored and ready to enjoy the weekend ahead.

Read more about the benefits and science of sound baths in this blog post.

Yoga Improvers Workshop at Embody Wellness, South London

Developing a Home Yoga Practice

Saturday 29 June | 2pm to 4pm | £25
Are you wanting to start a home yoga practice but you’re unsure how to go about it? A strong self-practice compliments the time spent in the studio as it allows you to build on what you learn in class and gives you a space to explore areas that require more attention, however to get the most from your self-practice it’s important to understand some of the fundamental elements.
In this workshop led by Tash Sekar we will explore the different approaches to yoga outside the classroom, with Tash sharing suggestions on how and when to set up your home practice and how to structure your sessions. Starting with a gentle yoga flow, we will explore Asana (physical postures) and then move onto more subtle or lesser known aspects of yoga including Pranayama (breath work) and Meditation.
For Tash, being able to practice yoga at home has been one of the most significant turning points in her physical and mental well-being, and in this workshop she hopes to share the tools to not only listen inwardly and make informed decisions about how you feel, but also how to translate that into a well-rounded yoga practice that will leave you feeling your best.
Celebrate Your Challenges - A Special Sattva Yoga Journey, Embody Vauxhall, London

Yoga Beginners Course

Thursdays 4 July to 1 August | 7.30pm to 8.45pm | £85

Embody’s 5-week yoga foundation courses are an excellent way to learn the basic principles of yoga and gain an appreciation of its many benefits.

Our friendly and knowledgeable teacher Claire Hawkins will guide you through the fundamental yoga postures with an emphasis on correct alignment and proper breathing techniques.

Once you’ve mastered the basics you’ll be ready to attend any of our open level classes scheduled throughout the week, giving you a chance to explore a variety of yoga styles at your own pace.

Yoga Improvers Workshop at Embody Wellness, South London

Yoga for Self-Compassion

Saturday 6 July | 2pm to 4pm | £25

Isn’t it remarkable how something as important as taking care of our own wellbeing can prove so challenging to make happen? It shouldn’t be that hard to set aside some time for self-care, but we rarely seem to do it. And there are many of us who actually feel self-indulgent or guilty when we consider putting our own needs first. In society we are often programmed to prioritise our work and the needs of our families and friends before considering ourselves. But by offering ourselves support and nourishment we can bring the best version of us into our work and relationships – not only increasing the impact we have on those around us, but more importantly, giving us the strength and foundation to remain positive and energised.

In this workshop led by Molly Martin we will begin with a gentle yoga sequence followed by a series of replenishing restorative yoga poses and finishing with an uplifting meditation – leaving you feeling refreshed, recharged and fully appreciative of just how wonderful you are.

Yoga Improvers Workshop at Embody Wellness, South London

Stairway to Heaven

Saturday 13 July | 2pm to 4pm | £25

With Summer upon us it’s wonderful to see Nature at her best, with lovely warm sunshine and luxuriously long days. There’s a vibrant energy and everything seems to be thriving and in balance. But what about us? How do we feel…?

Chances are that despite the zenith this time of year represents, we’re feeling the same pressure and anxiety as always, pushing ever more towards goals, exams, projects and career. Although humans are part of Nature, we seem to live in conflict with its laws. Due to social expectations and conditioning we continuously add to our ‘to do’ list, creating more and more tension for ourselves which eventually leads to mental as well as physical illness and disease. We prioritise performance and achievement over creativity and the glorious flow of life, and then complain that we can’t relax, can’t sleep, can’t cope.

What we need to do instead is prioritise ourselves, and in this workshop led by Sue Rahmani we will do just that. We will stop…and we will breathe. Beginning with a gentle Yin-infused asana practice we will move into more restorative poses before finishing with a long Yoga Nidra for complete body, mind and soul rejuvenation. Expect to leave feeling rested and calm, with a focused but relaxed mind and a sense of spaciousness and appreciation.

Celebrate Your Challenges - A Special Sattva Yoga Journey, Embody Vauxhall, London

An Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

Saturday 20 July | 2.00pm to 4.00pm | £25

Develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of your yoga practice with Amanda Dufour as she introduces you to the philosophy behind the eight limbs of yoga and how to apply their principles on and off the mat.

Yoga has a rich history having been around for over 5000 years, and for many of us it can be challenging to comprehend and apply the philosophy and mindfulness behind it. This presentation – coupled with discussion, breathing exercises and meditation techniques – will focus on Patanjali’s Eight Limbed Path outlined in the Yoga Sutras, helping you to discover how this collection of principles on the theory and practice of yoga can not only benefit your practice but also your day-to-day life.

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