Restore & Rebalance Workshop with Paula Hines

The Rest Sessions: Be Restored

Sunday 22nd May | 2pm to 4pm | £25

“The clue is in the name – RESTorative yoga is excellent for facilitating proper rest and relaxation in both body and mind. Restorative yoga is a receptive practice where you are supported and held – how many of us could deeply benefit from more of that?”  (excerpt from Rest + Calm)

Join Paula Hines for an afternoon of contemplative practices designed to help restore your equilibrium and bring you back home to yourself.

Grounded in restorative yoga, and including meditation, guided relaxation and (optional) journaling, The Rest Sessions are a culmination of Paula’s teaching and practice to date and began online in 2020 as a response to the pandemic. Some of the practices you will experience can be found in the pages of Paula’s new book, Rest + Calm: Gentle yoga and mindful practices to nurture and restore yourself (Green Tree, Bloomsbury Publishing).

Energy Flow Workshop Series with Lynne Fugard

Energy Flow: Radiant, Vibrant, Alive

Saturday 4th June | 2.45pm to 4.15pm | £20

This special extended class led by Lynne Fugard explores Vyana Vayu, the experience of full-body effervescence in our yoga practice. A rhythmic, flowing vinyasa sequence spirals through the body’s full range of motion to awaken a sense of vitality shimmering and sparkling through us. The class then settles into something much more like stillness where you can bathe in that experience of energy, soak it up and recharge.

The Energy Flow series of extended classes is designed to creatively explore the vayus: the five main ways ancient yogis described the experience of energy flowing in the body. Each class is an invitation to get curious about a different vayu through playful vinyasa, calming yin, as well as breathwork and meditation, taking delight in the different energetic, physical and mental effects they can bestow.

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