5 Benefits of Massage for Athletes

Jul 28, 2014 | Health, Treatments

Massage for athletes increases performance and recovery - Blog Post Embody Wellness, London

Many people think of massage as a relaxation tool, however its therapeutic benefits are considerably greater. Massage for athletes is a common and key component of their regime, seeing who seek a faster and versatile performance.

Massage increases flexibility

A high degree of flexibility is integral to maintaining optimal performance in your sport or activity. Gaining more flexibility though massage therapy, gives a strong advantage over competitors. Massage actually stretches the muscle fibres, therefore flexibility is achieved.

Massage improves circulation

Massage helps with blood flow and circulation is improved, this is known to enhance performance on all levels. With better circulation, the athlete can move more smoothly and the whole body benefits from the regulation of energy throughout.

Massage alleviates muscle pain

Many people only come for massage when they are in pain, or due to an injury. Massage is highly effective at treating muscle pain and relieving tension in the soft tissues of the body. Maintaining supple muscles through massage will render this type of circumstance more and more rare.

Massage for better sleep patterns

By getting regular massages, both sports/deep tissue and holistic/Swedish, an athlete can actually improve the quantity and quality of sleep. By getting quality, undisturbed sleep, the athlete is calmer, more focused and better able to perform at an optimal level.

Massage for relaxation

Many athletes are high achievers and have a hard time relaxing. Not being able to relax and having no real down time, stress can begin to take hold. Scheduling in regular massages, not only aids relaxation for that time, it also helps your body learn how to relax the body and mind in between the sessions and improve day to day life.

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