Having stumbled upon yoga entirely by accident around four years ago, Tim was immediately captivated by the practice. This new-found passion led him to become a fully-accredited teacher after just one year.

In his teaching Tim draws inspiration from combining a focus on the breath with traditional yoga poses and flows, creating classes that encourage a more individual and creative take on the practice. Think ‘Moving + Breathing’ rather than being limited by the structure of a traditional vinyasa or hatha class.

Being partially sighted and blind in one eye, Tim doesn’t see in 3D or have depth perception, making balancing postures his nemesis! As such, he designs classes with a real focus on being accessible to all. He believes that the practice’s many physical and emotional benefits are only enhanced by a sense of fun and playfulness, so he offers creative, mindful and breath-centred classes for all levels that will both challenge and make you smile in equal measure.

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