Tim is a fun-loving, down to earth Yogi who simply loves teaching and meeting new people. Having a previous career in dance and a Biomedical Science degree from UCL has truly harmonised his passion for creative movement and the wonders of the human body. His Power Vinyasa training in 2014 with Erin Prichard, Pete Cherry and Vicky Fox, was the next natural progression to merry his experiences and interests together. He then trained in Barre and Reformer Pilates and has been teaching full time ever since.

You can work as hard as you wish to challenge yourself – and yes he will make you sweat it out if that’s your goal. But should you wish otherwise, then feel empowered to also take a more gentle approach and build on your practice over time. Everyone’s a winner in Tim’s classes! As long as you commit to turning up to your mat, then the rest is just an adventure leading to Savasana!

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