Patricia is a certified Gong Practitioner trained at The College of Sound Healing in Devon, UK. She facilitates group Gong Bath sessions and one-to-one Gong Therapy treatments in the London and Brighton areas, and is passionate about bringing to new audiences the sound of the Gong and other related therapeutic instruments.

She currently works with a 38-inch Paiste Symphonic Gong, a 32-inch Paiste Mercury Gong, a 22-inch Tone Of Life Dance Gong, multiple Singing Bowls, the Voice, a Shruti Box, a Frame Drum, and various Bells, Rattles, Shakers, and Chimes.

Patricia’s Gong Practitioner insurance is covered by Holistic Services. She is a member of The CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) and The College of Sound Healing.

Patricia’s website represents her work as a Gong Practitioner and expresses her passion for sound, and commitment to the Gong.

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