Lisa was a professional dancer and choreographer for over 12 years performing in musicals and shows all across the world. Pilates was always a key part of her dance training and Lisa quickly learned how wonderful Pilates can be for not only dancers but everybody from various walks of life.

With a keen interest in rehabilitation she trained as a massage therapist in 2009 and then went on to complete her Pilates matwork training. Teaching at various studios across London and privately to clients in their homes Lisa continued her training gaining Pilates Reformer qualifications and specialising in pre & postnatal Pilates, osteoporosis and breast cancer rehabilitation exercise.

In 2014 Lisa became the lead instructor at a boutique Barre fitness studio in Kensington. Lisa trained clients in both group classes and also private sessions either using the Barre or Garuda.

Lisa is a passionate instructor and is keen to help her clients get the most from their workout. Drawing on all her experience in a variety of movement forms Lisa offers creative & dynamic classes with a keen focus on your technique and development.

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