Originally from Lancashire, John moved to London in 1987 to attend university. His university years, like many students, were lived unhealthily, but following the untimely death of his father at just 59 John turned to exercise and a healthier lifestyle and was amazed at the positive effects this had on so many aspects of his life. Keen to share this revelation with others, he trained and qualified as a fitness instructor in 1995 and has been teaching ever since.

John studied classical Pilates with Balanced Body University, and continues to be inspired by his coach and mentor, Nikki Chrysostomou. The Pilates method has always resonated with John, and he’s delighted to be able to share its many benefits with his students.

John’s favourite Pilates exercise is a seated roll up. He loves how it not only challenges the abdominals but also articulates the spine and stretches the back and hamstrings.

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