Why pregnancy massage?

During pregnancy your body undergoes numerous changes, and you will spend much of the time adapting accordingly. Pregnant women often feel increased pressure and responsibility as they are suddenly responsible for the lives and health of two people. This can result in  feelings of stress and worry. For both physical and emotional reasons, women often benefit from the support pregnancy massage can give as they try to feel ‘normal’ while a new life grows inside them.

What conditions can pregnancy massage treat?

Regular massage sessions are a great way to relieve the uncomfortable physical symptoms that often arise during pregnancy. Massage supports your overall wellbeing by helping to reduce fluid retention, by naturally decreasing gas, heartburn, indigestion, and constipation, by easing cramps, by diminishing headaches, and by soothing aches and pains in muscles and joints.

What should I expect during a session?

After being greeted by your therapist you will be shown to the treatment room where the therapist will conduct a short consultation relating to your current physical condition, medical history, lifestyle and stress levels. This will enable you and your therapist to discuss and agree the best possible techniques and plan for the session. Your therapist will then give you instructions on undressing and how to make yourself comfortable on the massage table. As a general rule you will be asked to lay on your side, with pillows and bolsters used for support. A towel and sometimes a blanket will be provided for draping during the massage and to ensure you remain warm and comfortable.

During the treatment please don’t hesitate to let the therapist know if you’d like them to focus on specific areas or issues, or if the pressure isn’t quite right. This is your special time and we want it to be as relaxing, enjoyable and beneficial as possible.

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