Winter pressure when nature is in hibernation

Nov 14, 2017 | Health, Personal Development, Yoga

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I don’t know about you but I am feeling tired and need more sleep these days. Looking outside I see the trees losing their leaves and days becoming shorter, and birds flying away…everything in nature seems to be going inward and quieting down…into a deep winter sleep.

However we are not. We carry the same pressure if not more, going towards Christmas, Exams, projects, planning and continue with more doing. The tension of having to perform, achieve and present is ongoing…

Although humans are part of the nature, they seem to live in conflict with its laws. We tend to rebel against what’s designed in us and due to our social expectations and conditioning, we continue to create more and more items in our “To Do” list.

We feel guilty to take time out!

Why do we feel we have to do that? What changes our priorities so much to put our natural state at risk? Our society has become a constant race track and we continuously competing…sometimes even against ourselves.

The good news is that more and more of us becoming conscious of this burning out problem. You see all these institutions popping up promoting self-care and restoration ideas such as Yoga, meditation, Life coaching, therapy, healing, massage and so on.

In every coaching or Yoga workshop I teach I hear people complaining they don’t have time for themselves or they can’t relax, suffering insomnia and at a point of admitting to themselves they are unable to cope unless they make some changes but not sure how.

The rate of ill health and mental suffering is growing. We have more people turning into drugs or alcohol to escape their reality. They too are looking to find a way to relax but choosing a wrong and toxic tool but the truth of it is that they too are looking to make some space inside to cope via these substances.

We need to flow with our natural state and learn to take time off. Winter is the best time to take our attention inwards and rest. The rest I am referring to is not only physical but also mental. Start to take time out and look after ourselves. Permitting oneself to close the eyes and take a few uninterrupted breaths…when was the last time you noticed you are breathing?

Like that old and strong tree outside of your window, allow yourself to be instead of do. I understand our lives are busy, no matter what I sit here and say, but give yourself the gift of making time to just be. By restoration you renew and finally rejuvenate.

If you burnout because you feel you are obliged and everything and everyone is dependent on you and may collapse if you say no, you are so wrong. When we are overly tired, we make mistake, we get angry and agitated, and we become frail and fragile and finally break down. To look after yourself is not a luxury, is your birth right which you are taking for granted.

I know I need to take half hour a day just to be with myself if I want to stay sane. I chant but that doesn’t mean you need to do the same

  • You can run a bath and soak in it.
  • Watch your breath and start to deepen it.Close your eyes and just watch your thoughts without getting involved.
  • Go for a massage.
  • Cook your favourite dish.
  • See a trusted friend for a morning coffee.
  • Tell your family you are taking this week easy and go to bed early for a few nights this week.
  • Make time and read that novel you keep postponing.
  • Go to a Yin or a restorative Yoga class.
  • Do Yoga Nidra.
  • Wrap up warm and go for a walk in the woods.
  • Watch the sunset or wake up early and watch the sunrise.
  • Take time and look at your surroundings properly…watch your loved ones from your heart instead of your eyes and allow yourself time to truly see them.

The list is endless and you can be very creative. It doesn’t have to be complicated or involve financial cost, and even if it does, see it as an urgency and investment in yourself. The other cost is irreplaceable and that is you and your life.

Cherish the life you are given, Go with the flow of your natural state, permit yourself time out from daily chores and responsibilities in order to renew and recharge. Be conscious and present to have the ability to see when.

May you live a fulfilled and happy life as your creator granted you.

I’ll see you later…I just booked myself in to a workshop for next week and running a candlelit bath for tonight. What are you doing to restore?

Sue is a 500-hour Experience Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance and an ISHTA certified teacher. She teaches Vinyasa flow, Pranayama and Meditation, Restorative and Yoga Nidra privately and in workshops.