Why be perfect when imperfect is OK?

Mar 24, 2018 | Health, Personal Development, Yoga

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Don’t you feel the pressure of being perfect at everything you do stressful, time consuming and at times even depressing? I can confess that I am tired of trying for perfection and you know what? Since I don’t care that much I feel so much better.

This urge and pressure of being the best Mom,
The best employee,
The best Boss,
The best this and the best that is just killing us!

We see the best selection of people’s moments on their social media, in their perfectly decorated homes, their loving partner, perfectly behaved children, and their perfect holiday destination and perfectly made-up faces with not even a line out of place.

Somehow if you dig deeper their reality is different…

That perfect home seen so many messy days and the loving partner may have not been so perfect on occasions and those well behaved children are not so well behaved and seen more school detention than you can imagine. Those amazing picturesque holiday destinations caused much more family fights than it was worth it!

Why are we so conditioned to go beyond our limit and meet a standard that is set by a society that only shows a fake image of how our lives should be?  We believe their lie and put it upon ourselves to be that lie… It is becoming an exhausting game and no one ever wins.

Take a deep breath, and another and another, but this time let your exhale be a loud sigh through the mouth and LET GO.

Tell yourself: “I am the master of my mind and no one but me has the right or the power to make me believe or do anything.”

Tell yourself: “I am as I am and that is enough…I am enough and my purpose is beyond this social conditioning.”

“I am worthy and my life is worthy too cause no one is going to live it but me and what is enough to me, should be perfect.”

“I am given all the tools I need to live my life as it was laid out and I am cared for.”

We get distracted and lose ourselves when in actual fact we came to live this life to find ourselves. That is the irony.

Our mind is so powerful. It governs us if we don’t become its master and I have to admit, I caught myself being the slave to my mind. When that happens we feel trapped, isolated and our expectation of ourselves, our lives and our purpose is no longer ours, but of the rainbow society that publicise fakery.

All of my life I wanted to be the best of anything I did. I added so much pressure to myself and those around me.

I worked hard, studied hard, planned hard and built hard and as a result I became hard. I became so hard that my circulation didn’t flow properly, I became so hard my muscles tightened and became hard too, I became so hard my whole being became hard and I started to become ill.

I lost moments I like to have back, but can’t undo the past. I missed watching my children grow because I was a perfect employee. I lost being a lover and a partner because I was a perfect wife and I could bake well. I lost following my dreams because I was a perfect citizen in a perfect job. I lost tasting that pizza or ice cream I always craved for because I was a perfect weight…

I think you got the picture.

Today I am still making baby steps to break through these social pressures by practicing science of yoga and self-discovery where perfection is never the goal on this path.

The goal, today, is to BE and through being, appreciate the imperfect perfection of your unique self on this plane of consciousness.

At the end of the day no one really cares about your perfectly pictured life, not even you, come to think of it deeply! Don’t be an equally pointless glossy picture for others to browse through and forget about, like a weekly gossip magazine.

You, your life and your path has a higher place to be regarded at, so please don’t be perfect. You deserve more and your imperfections are your unique qualities as a human. Celebrate your perfectly placed imperfections, unique to you. I strongly believe since there is only one of you on this earth, there can’t be a fair comparison. Take off the pressure.

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