Do this one thing to stop procrastination and create balance

Sep 1, 2017 | Health, Mindfulness, Personal Development

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In the last two posts I talked a lot about procrastination. Procrastination and self-sabotage are the two biggest contributors to people feeling stuck, lost, or that they’re not moving forward in their lives. And I just know you’re nodding your head right now. In fact I’d go so far as to say they are the only two blocks you’re experiencing at any point in time – get to know why and you’ll get to move through the block faster each time.

So if you could know the ONE THING you need to do to make this easier, smoother and faster, you’d want to know it right? You’d want to know, what can I do RIGHT NOW?

Procrastination and self-sabotage show up when we’re meeting our core needs in an unresourceful way, and no doubt we’re doing so subconsciously (we’re not even aware of it). There’s an imbalance, for example, in our lives between certainty and uncertainty.

The ONE THING you can do immediately to support yourself? Create a ritual. You might even already have one! It’s the key to improving your relationship with ambiguity and uncertainty.

I first learnt this technique from one of my wonderful coaching trainers, Joe Pane. It suddenly made so much sense to me and has had a huge impact in how I live my life. He said how do we expect to handle whatever life throws at us if we haven’t built up our muscles around how we handle uncertainty in our life. We absolutely need a solid platform of certainty to sit on, in order to build our ability to handle uncertainty.

You need a solid platform of certainty to sit on (energetically and metaphorically) – so that you can handle uncertainty. Think of a time in your life where you were going through lots and lots of change. You couldn’t necessarily control the change, lots of things were up in the air. There was an imbalance between certainty and uncertainty (control and no control!). Perhaps you felt on edge or anxious thinking of all the new things…

The idea of a ritual is that you’re doing something that feels like a ‘resourceful escape’. You’re engaged energetically, physically, mentally. It connects you back to a place of certainty, because you know what you are doing. Within the ritual you can choose and flex the amount of safety and security you feel with it, or you could mix it up and bring yourself more challenge in the moment.
From this place you’re able to calm down and relax more. The need for certainty starts to build again from this state. Then you can handle more uncertainty from this state. Your whole approach is different. Your mindset has shifted entirely. (Without a ritual, everything new and unfamiliar is going to continue to feel uncertain, and that’s just not sustainable).

Rituals reconnect you to your certainty.

So, what exactly is a ritual?

There are 3 key points to follow in finding or creating your own ritual:


A ritual (or hobby) must involve some kind of movement (invigorates your body, and it feels good going it). Anything that moves your body creates clarity in your mind. You don’t have to take on mountain climbing, it could be as simple as walks around the block.


It’s your choice to press the accelerator on as much certainty or uncertainty as you want. Think of it as having its own path: It can be long/short, hard/soft, fast/slow, intense/relaxed, challenging/safe. You can choose how much challenge to bring. E.g. One of my rituals is yoga – sometimes you’ll find me in child’s pose asleep 😉 and other times you’ll find me taking the advanced poses.


You’re able to do it 3 to 5 times per week and it’s something you just LOVE doing.
There really isn’t any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to have or create your own ritual. You may already have one in your life and didn’t realise its importance. If that’s the case, bring a little more conscious awareness to how often you’ve been engaging in your ritual and ask what level of certainty and uncertainty do you have in your life right now? How could you prioritise this ritual more?

Danielle Brooker brings her own experience of getting ‘unstuck’ and moving from a place of feeling unworthy and burnt out to reconnecting with herself and living life fully. Learning to say yes to herself more often she switched gears in her career and followed her heart from Australia to London. Passionate about growth, great coffee and all things wellbeing, her personal coaching business, The Daisy Patch, now helps others who are stuck—wanting to reclaim their lives from ‘busy’ and reconnect with themselves.

Danielle is a certified practitioner of Meta Dynamics, the next level of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Her clients are looking to identify the root cause of their discomforts—whether that be in their careers, relationships, or life itself—not just the symptoms, so that the change they make really lasts. Through her workshops and individual client programmes, her focus is always on a personal approach, sharing her own journey, and helping others to bring more wellbeing into their lifestyles.