How to Feel Energised All Year Round

Aug 17, 2018 | Health, Mindfulness, Personal Development

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Usually at this time of year there’s this beautifully charged energy in the air. We’ve had some sunshine, possibly taken some time away from work. We’re spending more time with nature, picnics in the park and day trips to the beach. Our social calendars are full, energising and joyful.

And that’s the charge that Summer has about it. One of blossoming. Of colour. Of expansion.

As the summer holidays roll around to a gentle close, there can sometimes be that inevitable shifting of energy. A tug of the heart “but I don’t want it to end!” yet also a gentle anticipation of what is yet to come. New beginnings. An opportunity to step into something fresh with the renewed energy Summer has brought with it.

And that is the very essence of Autumn. That opportunity to reflect, whilst using the energy of Summer, to also start shedding and gently transitioning to what is next.

I just love thinking about nature and life in these terms. There are so many parallels that we tend to fight against in our day to day lives.

We feel like we need to be ‘on’ like the energy of Summer all year round. We don’t take the time to slow down, to shed, to renew.

Instead we simply stack our diaries and our to-do lists and sit tensely waiting for things to ‘change’ around us.

Inbuilt into nature is a system that, simply puts, works.

There are seasons for a reason. Each one brings with it a clear intention: shed and let go, rest and restore, start visioning (plant those seeds!), and energise (blossom away!).

So why is it then, when it comes to our lives that we try to pick one season and ‘go hard’? If you’ve ever felt stuck, constricted or completely exhausted, chances are you’ve been pushing against the grain of your very own season. Be it metaphorically or physically.

When we haven’t created space for each phase—be that in our daily lives, or as we go about seeking a change or wanting more balance—we haven’t truly given ourselves the opportunity to completely thrive in our lives (be that in work, family, relationships, health, or all of it!).

So if you’re someone who has been caught up in a whole lot of ‘busy’, you’re lacking the clarity and focus you want right now in your life, applying a seasonal approach to your life could be just what you need to create more of what you want right now. 😉

As nature sends us cues as the season starts to transition, you too can use this as an opportunity to reflect…

Before I paid attention to how my own body and thoughts fluctuated at different times (or seasons of life) I felt like I kept getting knocked off balance. It was like I had no control of when I’d be toppled over and then it would take me ages to get ‘back up’. Now I feel way more in control of my own energy reserves, I have an indication of where to lean more at certain times, and know where to focus in order to get my clarity back.

Here’s a few questions to get you started, but really, this is all about curiosity and fun so that you feel more in control of the results in your life.

Summer – When do I feel my most energised? What sort of activities, experiences, people are involved? How do I know when I feel energised?

Autumn – Where do I feel constricted or strained in my life right now? What am I currently doing that is draining my energy? What could I let go of right now?

Winter – What activities, people, places or things make me feel the most restored? When I think about the last time I felt completely confident, what do I think of? What qualities was I expressing at the time?

Spring – What change are you wanting to create in your life right now? Why do you want it? What will it give you? How do you most want to feel in your life?

Ask yourself all of these questions, you don’t have to wait for the actual season to be in play. Start getting to know how these fluctuations could be playing out even on a daily basis for you. I’d love to hear more about what you discover – send me a message and let me know your 3 biggest insights! 😊

And if you’re seeking more energy and momentum in your life right now, join us at the next Refresh and Recharge Wellbeing Workshop (Saturday 1st September), an integrative session moving you through a yoga practice, life coaching exercises and meditation—all with simple ways for you to create more balance and utilise all that glorious summer to keep you charged for the rest of the year!

Danielle Brooker brings her own experience of getting ‘unstuck’ and moving from a place of feeling unworthy and burnt out to reconnecting with herself and living life fully. Learning to say yes to herself more often she switched gears in her career and followed her heart from Australia to London. Passionate about growth, great coffee and all things wellbeing, her personal coaching business, The Daisy Patch, now helps others who are stuck—wanting to reclaim their lives from ‘busy’ and reconnect with themselves.

Danielle is a certified practitioner of Meta Dynamics, the next level of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Her clients are looking to identify the root cause of their discomforts—whether that be in their careers, relationships, or life itself—not just the symptoms, so that the change they make really lasts. Through her workshops and individual client programmes, her focus is always on a personal approach, sharing her own journey, and helping others to bring more wellbeing into their lifestyles.