3 Ways to Get More Clarity Now

Jul 22, 2018 | Health, Mindfulness, Personal Development

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Clarity is one of the words I hear most from my clients. They’re busy, burnt out and completely exhausted. So by the end of the day when it comes to an opportunity to think about what they really want to create in their lives they tell me they just feel foggy. Like their brain clouds over and they just don’t know how to take that step. So they just keep doing what they’ve been doing.

And it really resonates with me when they tell me this. I know that feeling. That heaviness that comes over and almost a tightening in the chest when you start to contemplate the how. How can I stop feeling so tired? How can I stop doing so much at work? How can I say no more often? How do I even think about giving myself a break?
All those questions are enough to make anyone overwhelmed, let alone if you’re already living a pretty hectic lifestyle.

So how do you move through the fog and get to clarity?

Clarity comes from movement.

One of my mentors once described this as thinking of a boat moving through murky mossy water. As it sits idle you can’t see anything below you, it’s only when it starts to move that the murkiness disperses.

And it’s so true in our daily lives too. When we sit still and ruminate for too long – on the exhaustion, the confusion, the list of how we don’t want to feel – we get stuck. The murkiness and the moss take over. To get clarity you gotta be prepared to move. Literally and metaphorically. 😉

Of course you’re entitled to feel exhausted, disgruntled, frustrated and stuck at times. You’re human. And you also have a choice whether to stay there or not. Yes, when you take that first step you’re not going to have much certainty over how the murky water will disperse, but as you keep moving things do get clearer.

Here’s a few ways I put this into motion in my own life:

  • Adopt a Say yes, then work out how The how tends to have a way of figuring itself out. Ever find that? Think of the last time you made a decision without having all the ‘ducks in a row’, didn’t it just work out anyhow? Like when you said yes to going on a trip with a friend yet at the time you had no idea how you’d get all your work done in time. Once the decision is made, wheels are in motion and the how starts to take care of itself. Or at the very least the clues reveal themselves pretty quickly.
  • Move your body. Yes, literally. No, I’m not a big gym fanatic, you won’t exactly find me pumping weights or signing up for park runs. However what I do know is how much more clearer my thoughts, creativity and emotions are after some movement. I feel like it’s a bit of a cobwebs clearing session. Choose your method of choice (I love walks), whatever you do, just move. It’ll get that murkiness moving too.
  • Drop your don’ts. Our brains are wired for self-protection meaning they’re constantly looking for ways to keep us safe. This translates into us being exceptional at articulating what we don’t want in our lives, yet we’re kinda hopeless at expressing what we do want. Challenge yourself to make it 24 hours without using any expressions of what you don’t want in your life right now. Then see if you can stretch it even longer. Start getting curious about how you do want things to be. If you don’t want to feel stressed so much, how do you want to feel instead? If you don’t want to be bringing work home each day, what do you want to be doing? You’ll start a whole different dialogue with your brain, meaning it knows you’re still safe in those new wanted environments.

If you want another super fast way to bring more clarity to your days, check out this free Instant Clarity Checklist I created. It’s a little interrupter for those times when you’re feeling stuck, another way to get that boat moving. 😉 If you’re wanting to move your body AND clear the brain fog join us at our next Refresh and Recharge workshop on Saturday 1st September. We integrate yoga, life coaching and meditation to bring you that clarity you’ve been eager to find.

Danielle Brooker brings her own experience of getting ‘unstuck’ and moving from a place of feeling unworthy and burnt out to reconnecting with herself and living life fully. Learning to say yes to herself more often she switched gears in her career and followed her heart from Australia to London. Passionate about growth, great coffee and all things wellbeing, her personal coaching business, The Daisy Patch, now helps others who are stuck—wanting to reclaim their lives from ‘busy’ and reconnect with themselves.

Danielle is a certified practitioner of Meta Dynamics, the next level of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Her clients are looking to identify the root cause of their discomforts—whether that be in their careers, relationships, or life itself—not just the symptoms, so that the change they make really lasts. Through her workshops and individual client programmes, her focus is always on a personal approach, sharing her own journey, and helping others to bring more wellbeing into their lifestyles.