An Introduction to Mystic Healing

Dec 5, 2014 | Mindfulness

An Introduction to Mystic Healing - Embody Wellness Blog

Mystic Healing is the channelling and transmission of the Spiritual Light. It is a practice where Pure Love manifests and flows, providing great nourishment at all levels of being. With it, an adequate space opens up where recipients can access higher levels of consciousness and experience profound states of contemplation, deep peace, happiness and inner silence.

Mystic Healing is a powerful aid that is suitable to everyone regardless of their level of experience in meditation or spiritual knowledge. It facilitates the enjoyment of the greatest gift in life: the experience of closeness with the Self and an understanding of the enormous potentials and resources that lie within us. We are often plagued by a variety of small and big sufferings, but with the guidance of Mystic Healing we may slowly but surely find the way back home to the Self, and with it free ourselves from dissatisfaction, pain and anguish, and begin to enter more fully into states of satisfaction, happiness, self-control and fulfilment.

Receivers may frequently acquire, each time they attend a Mystic Healing session, empowering and gratifying inspirations that motivate them to continue on the Inner Growth path which leads towards Enlightenment. The one who seeks will find, the one who knocks on the door will discover that the door opens in front of him.

Mystic Healing is a practice where one may realize and begin to understand how the door magically and effortlessly opens when one knocks. To experience receiving unconditional Love by doing very little, or without doing anything at all; it’s a Divine gift.

Undertaking Mystic Healing equals to carrying out a fruitful spiritual practice.

We need to distinguish between fruitful spiritual practices and ones which don’t yield any fruit. A fruitful spiritual practice is one where inner changes may be obtained over time when practiced correctly, regularly and with discipline. A non-fruitful practice is one where no significant inner changes may be obtained regardless of our efforts.

What makes a spiritual practice fruitful? The presence of a Spiritual Power -or Grace- which has decided to act upon the consciousness of the person who is carrying out the practices. Elevating, purifying and transforming their consciousness and taking it to higher vibrational levels. Only when this Power acts upon the person’s consciousness are we able to move successfully along the inner path. This leads towards greater freedom, and gradually to the highest level of consciousness: the Self.

Whoever experiences a fruitful spiritual practice finds him/herself happy and optimistic, since each day the perceptions and limits of their consciousness are enlarged and this translates into greater self-control, less suffering and a higher quality of life. A fruitful practice constantly reduces the heavy load of negative emotions and allows the beautiful flowers of good qualities to flourish. It provides a constant increase of calmness and inner freedom. It is a powerful means providing a firm and safe path towards the fullness of the Self.

You may experience fruitful spiritual practices and Mystic Healing under the guidance of Javier de Salas, facilitator of Mystic Healing workshops held at Embody (please sign up for our newsletter for details of any future events).

Javier has directed hundreds of retreats and workshops on inner growth, Mystic Healing and meditation, both in Spain as well as in other European countries, Israel, Indonesia, Japan and the United States. He is one of two principles who instruct Mystic Therapy Therapist Training Courses worldwide.

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