How to Create Your Own Sunshine on Rainy Days

Sep 21, 2015 | Health, Mindfulness, Pilates, Yoga

Learning how to live in harmony with the seasons

Here comes the rain! As an autumnal wave of wet, grey stuff envelops our lovely city, now is a great time to make friends with the more turbulent season to come by learning how to embrace rainy days with a smile.

But how?!

Here are a few tips on how you can not only make rainy days better, but even thoroughly enjoyable (imagine!).

Go Outside and Make Friends with the Rain

As long as your body is properly protected from the elements (cue brightly coloured rain macs, cosy jumpers and thick socks with wellies!) then you are free to jump in puddles, take brisk walks in the park, get out into nature and smell the damp earth and thirst-quenched plants and trees around you.

Perhaps you can even enjoy the renewing and invigorating sensation of rain on your face. Look towards the skies and smile at what a wonderful life-giving element the rain is!


Staying indoors has an extra-special magic to it on rainy days. Light some candles, brew a hot mug of tea and put on your cosiest ensemble (the softer and fluffier the better).  Run a lavender bath, wrap a blanket around you and close your eyes – allowing a few moments of appreciation for the warmth and comfort of your surroundings.

Appreciate the Wealth of Indoor Activities a Thriving City Offers

Whether it’s popping to the studio for a relaxing or invigorating class or workshop (you know where to find ours!), heading to a museum or gallery, getting old-school and enjoying an outing to the cinema or bowling alley or treating yourself to a mind-blowing trip to the Planetarium – just think HOW lucky we are to have such a host of amazing, world-class indoor activates on our doorstep!

Use This Valuable Time to Create Some Inner Sunshine

When your outside world looks a little grey, now is the perfect time to concentrate on creating inner-joy; that which comes implicitly from with-in rather than with-out. With so many external distractions on-hand to regularly dislodge your equilibrium, quiet rainy days offer the opportunity for essential, uplifting inner-work. This might take the form of developing your home yoga practice, listening to online meditations or reading uplifting books.

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