Geraldine comes from a contemporary art background. She is a performer, a curator, a musician and a reviewer with two MAs in Fine Art. She has been using sounds in her artistic career for 30 years. After numerous exhibitions in the UK and abroad, she began a healing journey, merging her previous art and intellectual knowledge with her healing skills.

She is a Reiki Master and Teacher. She came across sound healing eight years ago, becoming a gong/sound healer practitioner with three gong/sound healing diplomas from Baba Don Conreaux lineage.

Chanting and using her voice is fundamental in her every day equilibrium. She creates her own song and mantras, and loves bringing the ancient ones to balance and smooth group sessions.

She is a certified Animal Healer and a member of Elizabeth Whiter’s ‘Healing Animals Organisation’ in West Sussex. She is also a seated acupressure massage practitioner.

Since her childhood she was immersed in a family using plants and herbal medicines. Indeed, her ancestors were the first ones to introduce homeopathy texts and books in France.

Reiki Usui is part of her lifestyle and she integrates it perfectly in her daily routine, to offer treatments to her loved ones, to animals and to all in need. She cherishes this soft and gentle healing practice with the ethics and wisdom that goes with it. Geraldine continues to learn different healing methodologies to enrich herself and to gain more skills to offer the best treatment to her patients and patients to be. She works with gems, essentials oils, medicinal plants, flower remedies, and has created her own range of vibrational holistic products.

Geraldine practices self care regularly to elevate herself spiritually, energetically and mentally. She has collaborated with numerous holistic practitioners, and is now involved with Yin yoga teachers to include sessions with the vibrations of the gongs and her intuitive sound healing.

She has been doing her own Gong Bath and Sound Healing Circles in London for a number of years now.

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