Summer skincare: quick tips for a healthier skin this summer

Jun 4, 2019 | Beauty, Treatments

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Summer can be harsh on your skin. Take care of your skin this summer with these quick tips. Having healthy skin is something you can achieve on your own with only minor changes to your daily habits. Straightforward changes to your pattern of eating habits and summer skincare routines will have a surprisingly positive effect on your complexion. And what’s more, having beautiful skin can have a positive effect on your attitude and overall self-confidence.

Here are 4 quick tips  from our resident “Good skin guru” Ricardina:

Cleansing routine

Cleanse your face regularly AM and PM. Your face builds up dirt, oil, and bacteria over the course of a day. All of these factors coupled with stress and genetics can cause pimples and other blemishes. Cleansing your face will aid in removing much of the dirt, oil, and bacteria.  Also, don’t forget to choose a cleanser that is right for your skin type. Having clean skin is one of the most important things you can do to get beautiful skin.


Exfoliating your skin on a weekly basis is important for acquiring beautiful skin and even skin tone. There are various different ways to exfoliate your skin: facial scrubs (physical exfoliation), facial masks (enzymatic exfoliation) and microdermabrasion treatment (mechanical exfoliation). Exfoliating your skin will facilitate removing the outer most layer of skin and thereby uncover the younger cells beneath it.

Moisturise and Protect

Using a good moisturiser daily will help to keep your skin appearing beautiful and your complexion even. Ensure to use a daytime moisturiser with an SPF to protect from the sun. Sun exposure is one of the major factors in damaged skin (even in the UK). Protection against the sun will keep your complexion and skin tone looking even and beautiful.

Eat and Drink Healthy

You can balance your diet with foods rich in nutrients that promote skin health and growth. Fish, eggs, and specific vegetables are all well-known for aiding in and maintaining more beautiful skin. Dont forget to hydrate, drink lots of water. Being hydrated will assist you in preventing your skin from drying out while slowing the signs of aging. You will be stunned to see the possitive impact living with a healthy diet will have your complexion.

For more tips and tricks for healthier summer skin join our Skincare Materclass Saturday 8th June.

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Ricardina is originally from Portugal. From a young age she knew she wanted a career in beauty so immediately after finishing her A Levels she trained as a beauty therapist and soon gained her CIDESCO diploma. Her first position was with Estée Lauder during which time she progressed her training further by qualifying in lymphatic drainage massage, deep tissue massage and shiatsu. She has also completed an Honours degree in nutrition and is a qualified make-up artist. Over the years she has worked with many beauty and spa brands including ESPA, La Prairie, Phytomer, Crème de La Mer and Sisley.

In 2003, after almost 14 years with Estée Lauder, Ricardina accepted the prestigious position of Spa Manager for La Prarie in Cascais on the coast near Lisbon. She moved to England at the end of 2010 where she worked as a senior beauty therapist for Urban Retreat at Harrods before joining the team at Embody. For Ricardina, being a beauty therapist is hugely rewarding, and one of her greatest pleasures is meeting new people and seeing them leave her treatment room feeling happy, relaxed and refreshed.