When it comes to skin dehydration, it’s helpful to first understand why this happens. Unlike dry skin which is usually determined by your genetics, dehydration is a skin condition that develops due to various factors over time. This is actually good news as it means there’s something you can do about it. Good skin hydration depends on your lipid barrier function and the pH of your skin. If your lipid barrier remains out of balance for too long, your skin begins to lose its ability to maintain water content.

What’s putting your lipid barrier out of balance?

The skin is a beautifully complicated organ and there are many reasons why the lipid barrier becomes imbalanced. But mostly it’s caused by our constant exposure to the harshness of the environment, incorrect or inadequate skin care practices and the usual suspects such as smoking, too much alcohol and other dietary factors, which I’ll get to in a moment.

The foods you include in your diet will make a massive difference to the retention of water in your skin.  Specifically, the inclusion of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) which contribute to the strength and structure of your lipid barrier are (as the named suggests) essential. Any EFA deficiencies in the skin may lead to a dysfunctional lipid barrier, hyper-exfoliation of the epidermis (visible flakiness), possible dermatitis, and of course the inability to retain vital moisture to keep your skin soft, supple and luminous.

The majority of high-quality moisturisers contain these essential fatty acids.  But there’s more you can do more, such as look to your diet. Replace what’s lost in your skin by seeking out these all important and essential fatty acids in wholesome foods like fish and shellfish, eggs, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed and walnuts as well as leafy vegetables like spinach and kale. Your body is unable to produce these essential fatty acids on it’s own, so go forth. Eat your way to a dewy, moist skin.

In addition, for your overall health and wellness be sure to drink lots of water to ensure every cell in your body is hydrated, Be careful to minimise exposure to the sun, and cut back on too much alcohol.

Here are my top 5 tips for optimal skin hydration:

  1. Balance your skin’s delicate lipid barrier with gentle cleansers, eliminating harsh scrubs in favour of gentle AHA masks such as Caudalie’s wonderful Glycolic Peel Mask. Adopting a good skincare routine and regular facial treatments are great ways to maintain moisture.
  2. Protect your skin with well-formulated moisturisers that include essential fatty acids and ceramides.
  3. Add a serum rich in hyaluronic acid under your usual moisturiser. A good example is our Caudalie best-seller Vinosource SOS Serum.
  4. Humidify your environment with a portable humidifier, and when travelling, opt for facial oils or choose facial mists loaded with antioxidants. Caudalie has two wonderful oils that fit these requirements: Vinosource Recovery Oil and Vineactiv Detox Oil. Also great for hydration is their Grape Water, and of course their best-selling Beauty Elixir which is a cult product in this category.
  5. Lastly (and perhaps most importantly) get plenty of essential fatty acids in your diet.  If you think your diet is lacking, you can always supplement with a couple of fish oil or flaxseed capsules.

Do all this and you will be well on your way to beautifully hydrated and glowing skin!!

Love your Skin!

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Ricardina is originally from Portugal. From a young age she knew she wanted a career in beauty so immediately after finishing her A Levels she trained as a beauty therapist and soon gained her CIDESCO diploma. Her first position was with Estée Lauder during which time she progressed her training further by qualifying in lymphatic drainage massage, deep tissue massage and shiatsu. She has also completed an Honours degree in nutrition and is a qualified make-up artist. Over the years she has worked with many beauty and spa brands including ESPA, La Prairie, Phytomer, Crème de La Mer and Sisley.

In 2003, after almost 14 years with Estée Lauder, Ricardina accepted the prestigious position of Spa Manager for La Prarie in Cascais on the coast near Lisbon. She moved to England at the end of 2010 where she worked as a senior beauty therapist for Urban Retreat at Harrods before joining the team at Embody. For Ricardina, being a beauty therapist is hugely rewarding, and one of her greatest pleasures is meeting new people and seeing them leave her treatment room feeling happy, relaxed and refreshed.