How to Fight Dehydrated Skin in the Winter

Feb 21, 2016 | Beauty, Treatments

Learn how to fight dehydrated skin in the winter - Embody Wellness Blog

During winter, the skin continuously loses its hydration due to all the conditions to which it is exposed. Intense cold, wind, rapid changes in temperatures, air conditioning, central heating are all factors that attack the skin and make it lose its natural sebum barrier, allowing water to evaporate. Most people tend to forget to drink water during winter and drink more hot drinks. coffee for example dehydrates the skin. So if you are a coffee lover you need to drink more water. A dehydrated skin also becomes more sensitive, painful and responsive. Remember this dehydrated skin is not necessarily related to dry skin, which is a skin type. Thus, skin can be oily and dehydrated, combination and dehydrated or dry and dehydrated.


Exfoliate: Exfoliation is important to properly remove dead skin and to prepare the skin for absorbing the creams and other skincare products that you will apply.

Moisturise your skin: Apply your moisturising cream twice a day (AM and PM). Choose a water based moisturiser. Very rich moisturisers and some oils don’t work on dehydrated skin as they can create a film layer on the skin surface. They will just stay on the surface of the skin. If the skin is dehydrated is because it needs water not oil or rich moisture. You can also apply a moisturising mask once a week to take care of your skin.

Do not forget your lips: Your lips are particularly sensitive to dryness. It is therefore important to apply a moisturising balm regularly.

Protect yourself: Do not hesitate to wear a large collar or a big scarf to cover your face when you travel outside, to protect your skin from wind and cold. If you are going skiing this winter do not forget the sunscreen because UV rays that reflect off snow can also be damaging.

Drink water: Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to give your body the necessary amount for its good functioning. This will also help keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Eat healthy: Any source of food that includes vitamins and good fats will help keep your skin hydrated.

Avoid very hot water: Take warm water showers/baths rather than hot water because hot water tends to dissolve natural skin oils and thus dehydrates it.

Book a good mosturising facial: if you feel you need professional help! book a good moisturising facial and ask your Therapist too help you boost moisture. Make sure the facial includes a good moiturising mask and a good massage with a suitable moisturising products.

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Love your skin!

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