Retsorative Yoga for Anxiety Workshop with Paula Hines at Embody Wellness, South London

Yoga for Runners and Cyclists

Saturday 23 Sept | 2pm to 4pm | £25

A well-earned post-summer session, led by Lexie Williamson, to rebalance the body after months of hard training and racing. This highly practical two-hour workshop will tease out tension in classic running and riding hotspots: the hamstrings, quads, hips and lower back, through sport-specific dynamic and static stretching.

We will also explore the ways in which becoming more supple can not only release tension and avoid injury but add performance gains in terms of a more fluid stride and improved posture in running, and tighter aero position on the bike. Handouts containing key stretches for both these performance goals will be included. The session will end with deep ‘passive’ stretches and a simple guided relaxation designed to foster deeper sleep.

Celebrate Your Challenges - A Special Sattva Yoga Journey, Embody Vauxhall, London

Pilates Beginners Course

Thursdays 28 Sept to 26 Oct | 7.30pm to 8.45pm | £85

Join Kelly Balmer for this invaluable 5-week course introducing you to the many fitness and health benefits of Pilates. The course is ideal for individuals looking to join our group classes but who have little or no experience or knowledge of the Pilates Method. It’s also great for anyone relatively new to Pilates looking to review the fundamentals.

During the course you will learn a bit about the history of Pilates, and be introduced to some of the key terminology. You will also be taught how to correctly and safely do a number of basic Pilates exercises, giving you the confidence and motivation to attend any of our Level 1 classes held regularly throughout week.

Celebrate Your Challenges - A Special Sattva Yoga Journey, Embody Vauxhall, London

Unleash Your Inner Durga

A special Sattva Yoga journey with live music and gong bath

Friday 29th September | 8pm to 10pm | £25

Are you looking for courage to stand up for your dreams, the strength to face a challenge? Then this is the workshop for you! Our next Sattva journey will coincide with Navartri, one of the biggest Hindu festivals – a time to celebrate the Goddess Durga, the mother of the Universe, the pure embodiment of the transcendental feminine power that exists within us all. That includes you too, fellas! Riding into her power on a lion, Durga is the warrior goddess of strength, protection and courage. She is the energetic force within our being that initiates massive change and drives us forward in our own spiritual evolution.

Are you ready to unleash your inner Durga? Join Caleb Packham for a dynamic blend of kriya, asana, pranayama and mantra to awaken the immense feminine power within you. Jai Ma!

SPECIAL GUESTS: Mark Wakeling, Francisco Calles and Anne Malone

Celebrate Your Challenges - A Special Sattva Yoga Journey, Embody Vauxhall, London

Vinyasa Flow Workshop

Saturday 30 Sept | 2pm to 4pm | £25

Join Florence Lefebvre for this dynamic vinyasa flow workshop which promises to leave you uplifted and energised.

The workshop will be an extended format of the class she currently teaches on Wednesday evenings at the studio. There will be more time to break down poses and transitions, play with props and share tips on inversions!

To add to your experience and enhance your practice, you will receive lots of assists provided both by Florence and Antonia Shaw who is currently undertaking her yoga teacher training at Sangyé Yoga School, affiliated to Jivamukti. Antonia is closely mentored by Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance UK) and Advanced Certified teacher (Jivamukti) Cat Alip-Douglas, and has been assisting regularly as part of her training.

Celebrate Your Challenges - A Special Sattva Yoga Journey, Embody Vauxhall, London

Yoga Beginners Course

Thursdays 2 Nov to 30 Nov | 7.30pm to 8.45pm | £85

Embody’s yoga beginners courses are an excellent way to learn and develop the basic principles of yoga and gain an appreciation of its many benefits.

Kelly Balmer will guide you through the fundamental yoga postures with an emphasis on correct alignment and proper breathing techniques. Once you’ve mastered the basics you’ll be ready to attend any of our open level classes scheduled throughout the week, giving you a chance to explore a variety of yoga styles at your own pace.

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