Sound Bath with Chai Francesco at Embody Wellness, South London

Sound Bath

Friday 23 February | 7.30pm to 8.45pm | £20

Join sound therapist Chai Francesco for a very special and very blissful evening of relaxation as you bathe in the sublimely healing tones of crystal singing bowls and the oriental gong. The resonance of these instruments is tangible, making it not just an auditory experience but also like receiving a sound massage!

Throughout the ages, sound has been used to heal, strengthen and soothe. During a sound bath, most people experience a wonderful feeling of relaxation, and you can expect to leave the session feeling balanced, restored and ready to enjoy the weekend ahead.

Read more about the benefits and science of sound baths in our blog post.

Yoga Improvers Workshop at Embody Wellness, South London

Yoga Improvers Workshop: Twists & Binds

Saturday 24 February | 2pm to 4pm | £25

Join Amanda Dufour for this special 2-hour session exploring the wonderful world of twists and binds!

Twists and binds play a big part in easing muscular tension and elongating the spine. During these poses, muscles holding the body in place release, relax and open – thereby benefiting both you and your practice. In the workshop Amanda will break down the basics of some popular yet sometimes challenging postures, helping you to work toward them, or if you’re already familiar, to go further and deeper.

The workshop will teach you how to incorporate straps and blocks to help achieve certain binds and twists. You will also be given the tools and techniques you need to safely explore these postures in an open class, allowing you to improve flexibility, deepen your practice and gain a better understanding of the physical side of yoga.

Celebrate Your Challenges - A Special Sattva Yoga Journey, Embody Vauxhall, London

Foam Roller Workshop

Saturday 3 March | 2.00pm to 3.30pm | £20

It’s a well-known fact that recovery after activity is very important, and a foam roller is one of the easiest and most effective tools for this.

Never used a foam roller, or don’t know how it can benefit you? Or do you own a foam roller but you’re not sure how to maximise its use for injury prevention and exercise recovery?

In this practical and instructional 90-minute workshop led by John Hobbs, you will be shown how foam rolling can not only enhance recovery but also improve core stability, strength and tissue condition.

Foam rolling is especially beneficial to athletes and cyclists involved in regular training and/or racing. It’s also very effective for relieving muscle and joint pain and improving flexibility and range of motion.

Pilates Technique Workshop with Claudia Fischer at Embody Wellness, South London

An Introduction to Pilates

Saturday 10 March | 2pm to 4pm | £25

Join Rebecca Evans for a special 2-hour workshop introducing you to the many fitness and health benefits of Pilates. This workshop is ideal for individuals looking to join our group classes but who have little or no experience or knowledge of the Pilates Method. It’s also great for anyone relatively new to Pilates looking to review the fundamentals.

During the workshop you will learn a bit about the history of Pilates, and be introduced to some of the key terminology. You will also be taught how to correctly and safely do a number of basic Pilates exercises, giving you the confidence and motivation to attend any of our Level 1 classes held regularly throughout week.

Pilates Technique Workshop with Claudia Fischer at Embody Wellness, South London

The Intuition Game

Friday 16 March | 7:45pm to 9:45pm | £20
Saturday 17 March | 6:30pm to 8:30pm | £20
Friday 23 March | 7:45pm to 9:45pm | £20
Saturday 24 March | 2pm tp 4pm | £20
Saturday 24 March | 6:30pm to 8:30pm | £20

The Intuition Game is the creation of The Kaponays – a family of four who are on an ongoing journey of learning and discovery. Over the last seven years they have visited and lived in forty four countries on six continents. Throughout their adventure The Intuition Game has provided them with the direction, confidence and strength to follow their path, which has led their daughter to become one of the world’s youngest published authors and their 16-year-old son to launch a mindful venture to help people travel. And their story is soon to be featured in a seminal and inspirational film entitled ‘Into the Wind’.

Intuition is a powerful tool we all have, an accurate compass for finding our direction, our True North in life. The Intuition Game challenges you to ask the meaningful questions in your life in a fun and interactive way.

Over two weekends in March the Kaponays will be at Embody Wellness to personally facilitate The Intuition Game. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to ask and get answers to the big questions in your life!

For more information and to book, visit Eventbrite.

Retsorative Yoga for Anxiety Workshop with Paula Hines at Embody Wellness, South London

Yoga Improvers Workshop: Inversions

Saturday 17 March | 2pm to 4pm | £25

Focused on the fundamentals of yoga, our 2-hour improver workshops led by Lynne Fugard are designed to equip you with the tools you need to make the very most of your yoga practice.

In this month’s workshop the focus will be on inversions. Starting with a dynamic and stimulating yoga sequence to open, strengthen and prepare the body and mind for going upside down on the mat, we will then take the time to playfully explore several exercises, techniques and tips that allow you to feel the safe alignment, engagement, fluidity and confidence required to float and fly in your yoga practice.

Together we will work towards shoulderstand, headstand, handstand and beyond, with safe and simple beginner versions of these poses offered alongside the more advanced and challenging options – so whether just beginning to contemplate going upside down, or wishing to build on your existing inversion practice, this workshop has something for you.

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