Filipa discovered yoga many years ago while living in Portugal, however it was in London in 2007 that it became part of her weekly and then daily routine. She began attending yoga courses and workshops and soon found herself planning her life around these events. In 2011, she decided to embrace the challenge of becoming a yoga teacher and enrolled in a year-long Vinyasa Yoga Flow teacher training course with Yoga London. In May 2013, she completed her Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli at Yoga Campus/Sitaram.

The idea of working with opposites (moon/sun, feminine/masculine, emotional/rational) fascinates Filipa. As a yoga teacher, she strives to convey and share the idea that to understand pleasure, we need to experience pain; to understand light, we need to see the dark; to understand rising and achievement, we need to feel rooted and grounded.

For Filipa, yoga is about shifting perspective. It has allowed her to see objectively her life’s journey and has taught her acceptance, compassion, dedication, commitment and patience.

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