Alex Jandrell

Alex is from South Africa where he initially trained as a dancer before undertaking his BASI Pilates teacher training 11 years ago with Theo Botha. He has since qualified as an occupational therapist and in 2015 moved to London to further his career in this area.

BASI Pilates preserves the classical repertoire and essence of Joseph Pilates’ philosophy while supplementing it with contemporary scientific knowledge. This approach results in classes that are both challenging and fun with a strong focus on correcting postural alignment and improving core strength.

Hannah Grand

Hannah began her training as a dancer, first at The Royal Ballet School and then at the London Studio Centre. During this period she was always intrigued by the body’s potential, and deeply inspired to learn more about it. This led to studying Pilates, and ultimately to becoming a qualified Body Control mat work teacher.

Through Pilates Hannah found she developed stamina, control and a better understanding of her body - all of which helped in the prevention of many of the injuries that often occur in dance. Hannah believes in being a teacher, not just an instructor, and prides herself on providing a hands-on experience and solid foundation upon which her students can develop. The atmosphere of her class is positive and motivating, and her primary focus when teaching is to encourage her students to feel not only strengthened and challenged, but also more keenly aware of their most valuable tool, their body.

John Hobbs

Originally from Lancashire, John moved to London in 1987 to attend university. His university years, like many students, were lived unhealthily, but following the untimely death of his father at just 59 John turned to exercise and a healthier lifestyle and was amazed at the positive effects this had on so many aspects of his life.  Keen to share this revelation with others, he trained and qualified as a fitness instructor in 1995 and has been teaching ever since.

John studied classical Pilates with Balanced Body University, and continues to be inspired by his coach and mentor, Nikki Chrysostomou. The Pilates method has always resonated with John, and he’s delighted to be able to share its many benefits with his students.

John’s favourite Pilates exercise is a seated roll up. He loves how it not only challenges the abdominals but also articulates the spine and stretches the back and hamstrings. 

Kelly Balmer
Kelly Balmer

Kelly holds a degree in sports therapy, and is a qualified personal trainer, yoga teacher and STOTT Pilates instructor. For many years she participated in competitive Karate, and attributes the length of her competitive career to a regular Pilates practice which ensured her body was resilient to the stress placed on it by such a demanding sport.

Kelly’s sporting successes in competitive Karate have given her a great insight into what it takes to encourage and motivate her students. This is reflected in her teaching style which focuses on delivering challenging yet balanced classes with an emphasis on correct form, core awareness, breath and alignment.

Lisa D'Arcy
Lisa D'Arcy

Lisa was a professional dancer and choreographer for over 12 years performing in musicals and shows all across the world. Pilates was always a key part of her dance training and Lisa quickly learned how wonderful Pilates can be for not only dancers but everybody from various walks of life.

With a keen interest in rehabilitation she trained as a massage therapist in 2009 and then went on to complete her Pilates matwork training. Teaching at various studios across London and privately to clients in their homes Lisa continued her training gaining Pilates Reformer qualifications and specialising in pre & postnatal Pilates, osteoporosis and breast cancer rehabilitation exercise.

In 2014 Lisa became the lead instructor at a boutique Barre fitness studio in Kensington. Lisa trained clients in both group classes and also private sessions either using the Barre or Garuda.

Lisa is a passionate instructor and is keen to help her clients get the most from their workout. Drawing on all her experience in a variety of movement forms Lisa offers creative & dynamic classes with a keen focus on your technique and development.

Liz Shaw

Liz first began her Pilates practice in 2007 and obtained her Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates with CYQ in 2013. She is enthusiastic about correct technique and encourages each of her students to make progress every time they attend a class. She likes to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere but as Pilates is a disciplined practice there is always a strong focus on core strength, good posture and correct alignment.

Liz also regularly attends yoga classes and enjoys keeping fit in the gym. She is a keen swimmer and competes regularly in masters swimming competitions.

Mary Paternoster
Mary Paternoster

Originally from Kent, Mary moved to London in 2000 to train as a dancer at the Urdang Academy, and it was there that she was first introduced to Pilates. However despite years of Pilates practice it was only through the rehabilitation of a dance injury to her back that Mary fully understood its power and importance and has since become a committed and dedicated practitioner and teacher.

For Mary, Pilates is an intricate form of body conditioning that works to strengthen and improve not just the body but also body awareness and concentration. It is through this awareness and concentration that the most significant changes can take place.

Mary is also passionate about health and fitness and has been helping students and clients realise and fulfil their potential since 2004 when she qualified as a studio instructor and personal trainer. She is caring and enthusiastic, and as a teacher and a trainer she strives to inform, encourage and motivate her students and clients. In addition to being a certified Body Control and Peak Pilates instructor Mary holds qualifications in Pilates Reformer, Baby Arc, MVe Chair and Pregnancy & Pilates.

Paula Thomas
Paula Thomas

Paula is a well-travelled instructor who started her Pilates career over 10 years ago as a class attendee in South East Asia. She was greatly encouraged by her instructors to consider teaching and in 2012 qualified in Dubai as a certified Stott Pilates Instructor. She has taught in large clubs in South East Asia and the Middle East and has worked as a Personal Trainer.

With qualifications in Pilates anatomy, freestyle exercise to music and indoor cycling (RPM) she applies her knowledge to ensure clients get the best out of every class.

Her belief that you should practice what you teach saw her taking up running in 2013 and successfully completing a half marathon and triathlon in 2014.

Rebecca Evans
Rebecca Evans

Originally from the States, Rebecca began training in her teens with a contemporary ballet company whilst struggling with scoliosis and asymmetry in the body. It was Pilates that allowed her to develop and maintain essential core strength and alignment, and after moving to London to train in contemporary dance at the Laban Centre in 2004 (and throughout her professional career since), Rebecca has continued her Pilates training and practice.

Rebecca undertook her Pilates teacher training with Nikki Chrysostomou at Balanced Body University. She carries her passion and knowledge for helping people move in alignment with strength and fluidity into her Pilates teaching, and takes great pleasure working with her students to develop technique and body awareness that can support them in every aspect of their lives and activities.